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Spacial perspectives apply to every field of retail design. Whether it concerns commercial, architectural or roll-out projects, set within food establishments, merchandising or commercial centers, or whether it’s geared toward the mass market or toward the high-end market, LOOKING FOR develops its projects alongside renown brands, design agencies and architects.



The agency integrates and converges all aspects of the project toward the design:
- The commercial strategy
- The brand’s values
- The aesthetics
- The communication
Both a helpful tool at phases of creation and decision-making, the retail-applied perspective facilitates a verification and layout of investments at a lower cost, whatever the need or job of the sponsor.



The agency focuses its graphic-first view, which is at once sensitive and striking on the project. An artistic direction within the image’s framework is carried out in harmony with the designer and the decision-maker’s input. The ensemble of these perspectives guarantees optimal working conditions as well as optimal results.
Raphaël Serafyn –Founding Director of LOOKING FOR
  •   Dec 2014
    Monop'Lab at the railwail station Paris-Montparnasse The grand opening of a new concept store called Monop'Lab at the railway station Paris-Montparnasse is adapted to all transit stops like railway stations and airports. This new store sells food and non-food products. Designed by the Department of Architecture and Monoprix Design, Monop'Lab was then illustrated by LOOKING FOR.

  •   Aug 2014
    Piaget in Beverly Hills and Moscou

    A new Piaget boutique in Beverly Hills opened in August 2014. This boutique is located on the famous avenue Rodeo Drive. A few Hollywood stars like Jessica Chastain were seen at the inauguration. A second opening of the famous watch & jewler’s brand took place at this time in Moscow. These two projects were developed by the agency Atelier Sasha forPiaget in collaboration with Looking For.

  •   Jul 2014
    Piaget in Koweit, Marina Bay and Hong Kong This month three Piaget boutiques opened their doors to the world. The first boutique is located in Kuwait in the Salhia Complex, the second in Singapore within the luxurious hotel complex Marina Bay Sands, and the third in the heart of Terminal 1 of Hong Kong’s international airport. These three projects were developed by the agency Atelier Sasha for Piaget in collaboration with Looking For.
  •   Jun 2014
    BOCO in Paris Orly

    The fourth restaurant BOCO moves in to the Orly Airport’s west wing (Hall 2) starting June 1st 2014. The group Elior, a partner to several airports in France and abroad, is at the root of this project. Elior has called upon Looking For’s services to create the 3D image of this new restaurant.

  •   Apr 2014
    Piaget in Pekin

    This month, the Casino of the luxurious and touristic train station, Wynn Esplanade in Macau inaugurated its Piaget boutique measuring 61 meters squared.
    Additionally, a grand opening of Piaget’s point-of-sale took place at the Peninsula Palace Hotel, a palace of international caliber located in Pekin, This boutique has a surface area of 43 meters squared. These two projects were developed by the agency, Atelier Sasha for Piaget in collaboration with Looking For.